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The downside of binge-watching



With the cost of cable, I heavily rely on streaming websites like Netflix and YouTube to get my fix of shows. I have no complaints about the selection on Netflix, as there are many shows that I haven’t seen or would love to watch again. The downfall lies in the notifications received when attempting to binge-watch.

Binge-watching feels like an art. It must be well-timed to complete avoidance of work and to get by without a ridiculous amount of caffeine. After spending hours with the first season of Suits, I again received the prompt — “Are you still watching?” Obviously, the five episodes into the series (so far) have not indicated that I am indeed binge-watching the show. If I was bored, I would have turned it off. I would like to just finish off the season without interruptions or feeling guilty about spending a day on the show. There should be a setting to avoid receiving the notification, or to have the ability to enable a binge-watching mode. It would improve the binge-watching experience.

Image: Simer Haer

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