UFV alumni turn class project into reality

A pair of UFV alumni are putting their education into practice with a new business that they designed in one of their upper level business classes.

Counting down until reading break

The only thing I’m more thrilled about than the fact that the recent amount of snow resulted in a school closure allowing me to write this editorial at home, in bed, with a fresh cup of coffee and in my favourite pair of Star Wars pajama pants, is that next week is even better because I won’t spend every day wondering if for the following day, campus will be open or not.

Why aren’t Archie and Jughead friends anymore?

Although Netflix’s latest series Riverdale is a modern take on the classic Archie comics, it doesn’t actually feel like Archie and the gang have entered the real world. Rather, they live in some alternative dimension where Twitter, smartphones, gay bars, and strip clubs coexist with vintage fashion and retro diners in a norm that everyone follows, and not in an ironic, nostalgic way.

Snapshot: Sleeping in class

After a late night of last minute studying and finishing assignments that I forgot were due, I fell asleep in class on Thursday. I don’t know for how long, but it was long enough that when I woke up I didn’t remember where I was and didn’t have much of an idea of what was going on.

Sometimes “pissing off” UFV is a good thing

The dangerous thing about running a student society on a campus that’s known for having a hard time getting its students engaged in its student societies, is that with an uninterested membership, there’s not much that can’t be done.

Snapshot: Emo-pleas

There are plenty of perks that come with switching to iPhone, and I spent the weekend familiarizing myself with most of them. While it wasn’t a deciding factor in my transition, the extensive amount of emojis that come with Apple is impressive, but also a little daunting.

Reevaluating racism

Following the distribution of racist flyers in Abbotsford, a Rally Against Racism and Bigotry was held on Sunday. Associate professor in UFV’s philosophy department Peter Raabe opened up about modern racism, why it should be treated as a mental illness, and how race really doesn’t exist.

It’s not a race

When I was in grade six one of my best friends was an exchange student from Taiwan. At that age, myself, and the majority of my young and impressionable classmates didn’t see the fact that she was from a different country as something that set her apart in a negative way or made her different from us, but something that was enticing and made us want to know everything about her.