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A thrilling thriller has returned to theatres



Michael Myers has returned once again to hunt down Laurie Strode in Halloween, the newest installment in the Halloween series. The original 1978 Halloween became a standard for all thriller movies since. The iconic film set forth the thriller movie clichés of the killer making phone calls without talking, the killer wearing a mask, and the killer appearing in the distance out a window and suddenly disappearing. One cannot argue the fact that the 1978 film is a cult classic, but has the newest edition to the troupe lived up to the standard of its predecessors?

The premise of Halloween (2018) is that Michael has escaped again, 40 years after the original 1978 film, and is more bloodthirsty than ever. Meanwhile, in the 40 years Michael was held captive, Laurie Strode has lived her life preparing for the day he would break free, so that she could kill him. Since the 40 years have passed, there are now three generations of Strodes alive, including Laurie, Karen (her daughter), and Allyson (Karen’s daughter).

The movie begins with two journalists researching Michael and the crimes he committed on Halloween night, 1978, making a visit to the rehabilitation centre that Michael is in. In continuity with the original 1978 film, Michael has still not spoken, not even in his 40 years of confinement. One of the journalists attempts to goad Michael into speaking by presenting the mask Michael once wore in 1978. When Michael fails to make any response, the two journalists leave and have a short interview with Laurie.

After Michael’s escape during his transfer to a new centre, he catches up to the journalists to take his mask back. Michael wears his mask once again and becomes the “boogeyman” many children and Laurie fear.

The movie featured the return of the original actors from the 1978 film, Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) and Nick Castle (Michael Myers). Curtis has grown from being a scream queen and it shows in her acting. She plays the role of the grandmother of the Strode family who has PTSD from the Halloween night of 1978. The growth of her acting and the character she plays has given light to a braver and smarter Laurie that is able to hold her own against Michael, unlike in the past.

The movie was consistent with its prequel, being none conflictive and following the concept of a silent masked killer. It also inspires a new generation of thriller fans, as well as bringing back old fans to the theatres to watch the 11th installment in this growing series. The movie does leave many confused as to the title choice though. Having this be a direct sequel to the original film, while also holding the same name as both the original and the 2007 Rob Zombie-directed Halloween reboot, makes it difficult to follow the series of films. Despite the confusion, the 2018 film is an excellent sequel to the 1978 Halloween and is a good lead to future Halloween films. No future installments have been announced at this point in time, but the end of the 2018 film and credits give the idea that somehow Michael has survived and will be back again.

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