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Sneeze-ons greetings



Brrrr! When did that summer breeze turn into a winter chill? The leaves crunch under my step in the afterglow colours of red and amber. Raindrops hit my head and suddenly I regret not taking my umbrella. The next thing I know I’m at home cozied up in a blanket.

My head feels like it’s spinning. My nose is red as I sit in bed and wait for the holidays to come. Season’s greetings is what I hear, but my sneeze has other things to say.

My imagination is so strong that I can almost feel the warm sun. Bring back that summer sun and rolling clouds. I want to fall asleep on the grassy hill by my home.

I sneeze again and remember that I’m still sitting in bed and that grassy hill is a muddy mess now, covered in leaves.

Later, when I sit in class, I know it from the sound of sniffles and stifled coughs, the season of sneezes is upon us.

All I can say to cheer myself up is sneeze-ons greetings to my dear friends. Take care of yourselves this season. Rest well and take your vitamins.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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