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Art of the Month

Art of the Month – March



When it’s Raining

Jessica Peatman

8” x 10” — photo intaglio on Stonehenge paper

Artist Statement:

This photo etching consists of a graphite drawing and a gestural wash of acrylic paint. The combination of these techniques creates a surreal, whimsical, and eerie mood that expresses loneliness and longing.

Contemporary Reference

Reece Spofford

18” x 24” — acrylic on canvas

Artist Statement:

A lot of the visual imagery that inspires my artwork comes from a collection of images I have sourced from social media, magazines, and my own photography. Portraiture and images of the body are a major trend throughout my practice. My investigation with the body assembles from concepts of artificial beauty in contrast to natural forms; where I struggle to find a connection between the two in contemporary Western culture. Through my visual process, I aim to bridge the two together, and create images that speak of a hybridity that allows artificial and natural beauty to connect on an instinctive level, and challenge social norms that reject the two from blending together.

The Wall

Gavin Cox

8’ x 4’ — acrylics & latex on maple wood cut

Artist Statement:

We create personal bubbles for better or for worse, and sometimes we need to look beyond our bubble and see the world and make a statement. This piece is both a personal commentary and a somewhat political one. I find myself in a world of fear and confusion and I wanted to finally look beyond the walls that have been created by others and myself and stare the world down.


Chantelle Fawcett

12” x 18” Photo Intaglio

Artist Statement:

Chantelle Fawcett is an emerging contemporary artist who lives and works in Langley, British Columbia. Her works explore street art as a public statement not confined by the issues culture, media, and government create. Fawcett’s use of street art stands as an art form almost entirely bound to an institutional visual regime.



adjective: enigmatic; adjective: enigmatical

  1. difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

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