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CIVL Shuffle: Themeless Edition.

CIVL Shuffle: There is no theme behind this shuffle. Don’t you dare attempt to look for one.



By Dave Cusick (CIVL Director of Programming / The Podfather) – Email

There is no theme behind this shuffle. Don’t you dare attempt to look for one.

“Weird Al” Yankovic

“Good Enough for Now”

Al is mostly known for his parody songs, but he also writes lots of clever and catchy originals. That includes this deep album cut from 1986’s Polka Party, a country ballad in which he suggests that strategically choosing a lover who is sort of, but not exactly what you’re looking for is better than the alternative.


“I Wanna Be Sedated”

Often, the best mental health advice is to quiet your mind, though sometimes that’s easier said than done. (Trust me, I’ve been there.)

The Beatles

“Why Don’t We Do It in the Road”

When I was 13, I held the phone receiver in my trembling hand, as my local DJ informed me that I was indeed the ninth caller, and, yes, I had won a 20th anniversary copy of the Beatles (also known as the White Album). I was so nervous to be talking to an actual radio DJ that I forgot to sound excited about winning it, so they had me pretend to win again for the recording that they played after the current song on air ended. Radio magic!

ZZ Top

“Sharp-Dressed Man”

I’ve always thought of them as pretty Duck Dynasty-looking, but looking back, maybe ZZ Top were actually progenitors of today’s lumbersexual fashion trend?

They Might Be Giants

“Meet James Ensor”

“Meet James Ensor, Belgium’s famous painter! Dig him up and shake his hand, appreciate the man.” Or, if you’re more the conventional type, take an art history class.

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