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The morning’s choice



As the beans are ground, I rinse the pot and fill the machine with water. After the grinds are saturated in water and I hear the beep telling me my morning is ready to begin, I open the cupboards and face the biggest decision of the day: which mug to drink from.

I see a new ceramic cup staring down at me, pressuring me to choose it. I think about the others that need me and grow hesitant toward sipping from my new purchase. What about the old faithful cream-coloured 14 oz. that simply says “COFFEE”? She needs my attention more than ever because I haven’t held her in my hands for weeks. And my partner is joining me for the joe this morning, so we could sip from the pale blue pair with smooth saucers. But we did just visit them two days ago.

I sift through the shelf looking for the perfect mugs to start the morning with. And after moments of uncertainty, I come to the conclusion that even if I don’t sip from one dear mug of mine today, it doesn’t mean that I never will. I close my eyes and tap at random to find my companion.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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