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Sleeping in is out



Well, the streak had to end one day. After years of blissful afternoon and evening classes, and one 11:00 a.m. class that was more of a struggle than I care to admit, it’s finally happened: the morning semester.

It’s probably time. I’ll be graduating soon, and will need to start getting up early once I find a full-time job, but due to a series of wonderful events, I’ve never in my life had to get up early on a regular basis, and that’s finally going to end with the rude awakening of an 8:30 a.m. class and my hour-ish commute.

Maybe it won’t be so bad. When I was a kid I liked getting up early. Maybe there’s been a morning person within me all this time, drowning under the exhaustion of my normal 2:00 a.m. bedtime.

But more likely this will be the semester where coffee switches from a once-or-twice-a-month habit to a daily ritual.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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