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Those quizzes people share on Facebook mildly madden me. You know the ones — “can you identify this song by one lyric,” or “what is this food called,” or whatever. The ones you always see people sharing after they get 100 per cent. I know I should just ignore them, but the reason they annoy me is that I can’t. I almost always have to fall for the website in question’s trap, their clickbait quiz, and go to their site with one question per page for maximum ad views, so that I too can prove that I know some common pop culture trivia, when presented with a two-option multiple choice. Seriously, does anyone not get 100 per cent on these things? I’m sure they’re designed to make people feel good so that they share them. But that’s where I have the force of will to break the cycle. I’ll fall into their trap, but I won’t perpetuate it. Mostly because then everyone would know how many dumb quizzes I do.

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