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On humanity’s achievements



There’ve been some great leaps in technology during my lifetime. The internet exploded from a niche interest to a vital part of daily life. We have phones more powerful than the computers I learned to type on. Cars are starting to drive themselves. But there’s one staggering innovation that tops them all.

When you get to the end of a bag of Cheerios, there’s way less dust at the bottom.

Remember when the last three bowls from a bag had that disgusting slop at the bottom of the bowl, and a film of the crushed cereal coated the top of the milk? You had to sift through the inch of crushed “Os” to find enough intact for your breakfast. But now? I don’t even worry about the dust. It’s there, but only a light sprinkling, barely noticeable. Just pour out what you want and enjoy, no matter how many of the crunchy circles are left in that bag. If that’s not a sign that we live in the greatest time in history, I don’t know what is.

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