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Managing stress



Everybody knows what stress is. Whether it’s over work, school, or our social lives, we’ve all experienced stress, and, generally, it’s a natural, healthy response. It’s the body’s way of telling us, This interaction is important and/or has strong consequences for you! Stress keeps us on our toes.

But — and this is the important part — when we’re beset by stress, despite our own efforts towards dealing with stressors, it becomes a problem. I wasn’t aware that stress was taking a toll on me until I realized, quite simply, that the reason my body was sore from sunup to sundown was that tension was making its way from my thoughts and reactions to my body itself. By any rate, the first thing I think any of us can do when dealing with a similar situation is to be honest with ourselves. Attempt to practice mindfulness and get to the bottom of: 1. What is it we’re feeling? 2. Why are we feeling it? This said, don’t be discouraged from seeking help or guidance through your circle of friends. More often than you’d think people are unflinching in their support for you.
Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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