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Fall is possibly the best season in the Lower Mainland. Our summers are too hot, our winters are too cold, and our springs are just too weird. Fall is crisp and fresh, with the perfect balance of frosty mornings and just chilly enough afternoons. It’s the best season for wearing your collection of wool sweaters and cute boots, and hiking through forests of beautiful orange and red leaves.  

Fall is the perfect season for storms. Snow is great for the first day and a half, until it becomes a disastrously slushy mess. Spring rains are light and short, enough to get soaked through but not enough to enjoy a good cup of tea to. Fall storms have substance; they’re heavy and cozy and dark. They force you to sit inside in front of a space heater, enjoying a good game with friends, because there’s no way you’re going out in that weather.

Illustration by Amara Gelaude

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