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CIVL Shuffle —February 21, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy postulates on the nature of life, and our value of it, while drawing on the words of a man whose performance as a high school student may have influenced UFV students growing up!

Drake Look Alive

Drake’s return to singledom, on the charts at least see what I did there? looks quite lively in this brand new two-verse turn featuring BlocBoy JB in the finale. Drake complains about flip floppers among the hip hoppers, and declares his newfound appreciation for name-brand gear with tags.

Pearl Jam Alive

Eddie Vedder first crooned to the world over distorted twangy guitars on the now 27-plus-year-old masterwork Ten, featuring this top 16 charting hit, along with a bevy of other grunge favourites. This particular track even reached magic #66 on the Billboard Digital singles chart in 2009.

Modest Mouse Lives

One of the most harrowing lines I’ve ever internalized from popular music is from the penultimate long-form track (third last overall) of Modest Mouse’s 2000 masterpiece, The Moon and Antarctica. “Everyone’s afraid of their own lives / if you could be anything you want / I bet you’d be disappointed.” Right?

Modest Mouse  Life Like Weeds

The properly penultimate track from that epic release mentioned above leaves yet another poignant and frustrating line that speaks directly to the aftermath of all of these tragic school shootings we keep seeing: “All this talking all the time in the air builds up, up, up / until there’s nothing left to breathe.”

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