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CIVL Shuffle — February 13, 2019



First the government, now the school! CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy pays tribute to what he’s now dubbing “Shutdown City” due to the… you guessed it: snow!

The Dismemberment Plan – “Spider in the Snow”

This is my least favourite track on an album where I could actually never bear to pick a single favourite out of all of the perfect little pieces of partially pretentious art pop perfection. Sometimes the weirder this record gets the better it is, like the “Life of Possibilities” breakdown.

Frosty the Snowman Theme

You can’t lead with this if you want anyone to take you seriously. You have to come out of the gate with something exciting and new and then, BAM, hit them with an old classic, just like the Rolling Stones debuting “Miss You” before a rousing round of “Ruby Tuesday.”

Billy Corgan – “Landslide”

I first learned of this song, utilized here for its lyrical evoking of “snow-coloured hills,” through the Pisces Iscariot B-sides and rarities release from the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s basically a note-for-note acoustic fingerpicking cover, I think… still not a Mac fan. I realize literally everyone else is.

Led Zeppelin – “Immigrant Song”

Not the first song on this list to have been previously shuffled, the beckoning towards a “land of the ice and snow” where all that stuff happens and rolls and whatnot is why I include it here. Not to protest some sort of southern fascist border wall business; what’s that?

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