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CIVL Shuffle — November 21, 2018



Every year, the Central Valley DIY community comes together to host a New Year’s extravaganza, in the form of scene karaoke. Here are some songs to be showcased this year, including mine:

Jimmy Eat World  – “A Praise Chorus”

This song is like four songs in one: first, the original song that it is, a Jimmy Eat World/Jim Adkins penned two-hitter from the breakout 2001 Bleed American, but also the classic Tommy James masterpiece “Crimson and Clover” gets referenced, Madness’ “Our House,” and of course, They Might Be Giants’ “Don’t Let’s Start.”

Neil Young – “Rockin in the Free World”

If there’s one line in modern rock or music overall that just gets people up out of their seats to fist pump and declare enthusiasm for the changing of the guards, it’s “One more kid that’ll never go to school / never get to fall in love / never get to be cool.”

The Pretenders – “I Touch Myself”

No one could ever get away with crooning this song quite as effectively as everyone’s favourite local Yale Secondary bass legend, Harma White’s own Brandon Clark, who enjoys wearing not very many clothes, and doesn’t spare your, or my, sensitivities when talking about the object of his affection. When I …

Thin Lizzy – “The Boys Are Back In Town”

From The Cardigans, Everclear, and who knows how many others, leading up to the Carport festivities, this song is a favourite of those who want to reconnect, and those who want to rock out like the teenagers we all feel like deep down. Too bad they spent that time away.

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