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CIVL Shuffle — November 14, 2018



The Prince of Parody has announced his impending arrival in Abbotsford next summer, and in honour of this momentous occasion, CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy feels the need to represent here a series of other people’s songs, sung by … well, other people.

Mo – “Redbone”

A succinct revisioning of this Childish Gambino classic, wherein the Atlanta actor/writer and intergalactic card shark impersonator, Donald Glover, implores us to “Stay Woke” and not to close our eyes, amidst authentic and meticulous 1970s-style sounds, harmonies, beats, and keys. This version eschews the excellent breakdown though.

Post Malone – “Return of the Mack”

My favourite song performed by this artist by more than a few parsecs, it appeared as a finale to the Seth Rogen Christmas special for Alzheimer’s awareness last year, and features Craig Robinson from The Office as Paul Schaefer on keys and leading the band. Best. Post Malone Recording. Ever. Legit.

Weird Al – “Ode to a Superhero”

I’m a huge fan of the original piano ballad by Billy Joel, who, if you pay attention to local standup comic legend Harry Doupe’s recent material, used to finish shows with the charming phrase “Don’t take shit from anybody,” and of course, Weird Al can only make songs better than before.

Ke$ha and Friends – “Dead Flowers”

Obviously Ke$ha is quite fond of the Rolling Stones, and perhaps more specifically lead singer Mick Jagger, whose name is “checked” in Ke$ha’s breakout hit “Tick Tock,” but here she is, with a lady friend strummin’ on guitar, singin’ Keef and Mick like it’s everyone there’s serious business.

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