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CIVL Shuffle — November 22, 2017



Whilst enjoying poetry last night at the brand new poetry facility in historic old downtown beautiful Abbotsford, or wherever, I heard a new song that turns one of my guiltiest pleasures of the ‘90s into yet an even more prohibitive and unlistenable experience.

Train “Drops of Jupiter”

The original single that put those of us listening to soft rock/pop radio in the ‘90s onto the night train to Train land with this Southern-rock oriented, soft-serve styled selection of feel-good melodies, lyrics, and thoughts of the ethereal world of songwriting and performance.

Train “Heart and Soul”

Bruno Mars? Daniel Bedingfield? Daniel Powter? I could’ve guessed a hundred different artists when I first heard this atrocious rendition of the song my cousins and grandmother would team up to play, just like yours, every family get-together. Never would’ve thought it was a Train song, though, no way.

Daniel Powter “Had A Bad Day”

Train? Train! Train, Train, and/or maybe instead of those, it was Train. But, no! I was sure of it, and still can’t really believe it’s not. So, this song was not a Train song! It’s by someone completely different! This is the only song anyone’s ever heard by him.

Daniel Bedingfield “Gotta Get Through This”

Now, Daniel is not a part of Train, nor is his music actually very easily confused with theirs, however, the band with the name like a locomotive did tour with Natasha, who shares a last name and a bloodline with Daniel, whose 2001 song, itemized here, is actually kinda catchy.

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