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CIVL Shuffle — January 10, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy really likes popular music, despite what you may have heard, or how he may have felt in high school. Here are some amazing and amazingly popular songs that popped up on or leading up to his…

Weezer Holiday

Evoking the beat writings of he who’s name-checked during this number’s barbershop breakdown, Jack Kerouac, though one might postulate that the mode of transport in mind for singer-guitarist-songwriter Rivers Cuomo was more referential to the boards of Blue’s earlier “Surf Wax America” than Neal Cassidy style bus.

Lil Pump Gucci Gang

Phoenix-area Scottsdale, Arizona was the site, this winter break, of what I’ve quickly anointed as the greatest party zone in North America, The Loop. The Loop loves this track, and it’s repetitive, casual af chorus, and the club atmosphere it fosters. Love it, despite the completely disagreeable subject matter.

Cardi B Bodak Yellow

You wouldn’t know it to hear it, even knowing how popular it is, but this major label debut from CB is an absolutely historic release. Lauryn Hill of The Fugees with former Hatian presidential candidate Wyclef, is the only other solo female rapper to release a Billboard charting #1 single.

N. E. R. D. ft. Rihanna Lemon

As if hearing Rihanna rapping for the baddest verse in hip hop for the 2017 year wasn’t enough, the beat, the concept and choreography/dance performance in the music video, and the swag of the repeated lyrics in the chorus all team up to make this song my absolute favourite.

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