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CIVL Shuffle – November 1, 2017



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy was asked to write a shuffle from the eyes of the resident bear at UFV and in CIVL, “Boo-Boo Cuddly Puff,” or some such other name that I don’t have the patience to research. I do, however, have four songs that speak to the thoughts that might be in his head, and one of them is by a group of brothers that Gord from The Hip really likes, one of whom is named Barry.

Barry White — Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Baby

The fact of this song is that it tells the story of Boo Boo Cuddly Puff, and his feelings towards the fact that volunteerism at UFV takes place within the walls of CIVL. The operative sentiment being that Boo Boo “can’t get enough” of volunteers loving to contribute at CIVL.

Barry Manilow — Mandy

“I remember all my life / raining down as cold as ice / shadows of a man / a face through a window, cryin’ in the night / the night goes into / morning, just another day / happy people pass my way / looking in their eyes / I see a memory / I never realized / how happy you made me.”

Barry McGuire — Eve of Destruction

Previously shuffled, this song brings to light the potential for our beloved plush bear to have a lucid, and even prophetic, view of the world around them, based on the primary goings-on of UFV students in and out of the second floor of the Student Union Building, sheer truth.

The Bee Gees — How Deep Is Your Love

When CBC aired its recent documentary of The Tragically Hip’s final tour, there was a scene where then terminally ill Gord Downie described a phone conversation that he had with Bobby Orr, a man he immortalized through song in “Fireworks” years prior. It was clear how deep his love was.

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