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CIVL Shuffle — October 31, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy has been obsessively rocking this first song for at least a week, and thus will cover a full shuffle of MØ’s work here.

MØ – “Nights With You”

I think the most infectious part of this song, beyond the rounded baseline, the sick choreography in the video, and the turns of phrases in the lyrics (Danglish?) is MØ’s energetic, super brief little ad-libs, like “look” and “uh” only just at the exact right times. Also the “throw away your phone” line.

Snakehips ft. MØ – “Don’t Leave”

One of many MØ collabos (Diplo, Bieber being a recent and significant pair, on a far less exciting song), this one takes flight with the pre-chorus line “I’m not just a fuck-up / I’m the fuck up you need,” switch “need” for “love” after the second verse. “Been thinking ‘bout it.”

MØ – “Kamikaze”

There are two distinctly different pronunciations of the word “kamikaze” on this track first, the seemingly more East Asian pronunciation with the more z-h-y sound of kamika-zhe, and then the more Anglo sounding zee like the letter pronounced by Americans. “We ain’t never gonna get enough.”

MØ – “Drum”

The best part of THIS final shuffle entry is easily the video, where MØ expertly tangos with her partner, and to the beat of their drum, while Bo Jackson style running along the wall and jumping back into the floor like an expert parkour enthusiast — I bet she is.

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