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CIVL Shuffle – November 8, 2017



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy is in pieces over the death of future Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Roy Halladay, and shocked by the senseless murder of an APD constable this week.

Robert Palmer Bad Case Of Lovin you

“I got the news today (yesterday, because you’re reading this on Wednesday, but I’m writing it on Tuesday night), oh boy,” says the song by The Beatles, Britain’s classic art rock sensation that took the America’s heart by storm, much the way Doc Halladay wooed me one September Sunday in 1998.

Puff Daddy ft. Faith Evans I’ll Be Missin’ You

I never thought I’d find an appropriate place to project my teenage affection for Puff Daddy, and this Police-lifted tribute to B.I.G.gest of them all, the very much Ryan Howard-like (from the Philadelphia Phillies, not The Office) Christopher Wallace. I’ll be missing not watching.

Don McLean American Pie

The day the music died. My my, this here Halladay guy, maybe later a no hitter, now he’s just a tall fry, he took the mound, and blew the hitters right by, saying soon I’ll be a hall of fame guy. And he soon will be, like Clemente and the Bopper.

Aliyah Are You That Somebody?

No one will ever be that somebody again, neither for Toronto, nor baseball. Locally, we’ve experienced loss in a big way as well, and to that end it’s of paramount importance to focus on community and togetherness. The Doc got it in the teamwork he fostered every day. Do you?

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