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Ekanki Chawla – Faculty of Science Representative



Area of study: Sciences, Biology major.

experience: Senator on Student Appeals Committee, Senate representative on the SUS Board of Directors for the past term. volunteer campus tour guide during New Student Orientations, current Vice President of UFV Circle K club.

What are you hoping to accomplish as the faculty of science representative?

I’d like to be the voice for my peers and the faculty of science. I want to help everyone feel comfortable and feel like they’re able to be open and bring their concerns and questions to me. I’m on the Board of Directors and I feel it’s important that students have a say in making policies that ultimately affect us. Essentially, I’ll make sure that the science community is being heard.

Is there anything that SUS has done in the past that you would have done differently?

I’m a current board member, so I’ve been able to have my say in recent policy decisions. I don’t think there’s anything we could have done differently. I think SUS is doing an amazing job and we’ve been working really hard to keep the students happy.

How are you planning to improve communication with the student body?

I think communication is definitely key and it’s important to keep transparency, so I’d like to attend meetings with different clubs and associations and faculties. SUS could provide them with bi-monthly updates and present reports on what’s happening on the board, and also give them a chance to ask questions. In an age of social media I think that we should be taking full advantage of these platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. My UFV is also a great place to start. We could make a page for the faculty of sciences and provide updates on what’s happening with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Are there any specific policies or bylaws that you are wanting to change or implement?

If a policy or by law does come up in the near future that’s negatively impacting the Students, then I definitely will take it to the board for amendment. as of now, there is no specific bylaw that I can think of at the moment that needs to be altered.

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