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Soundbite: Alison Krauss — Windy City



Music from a simpler time. It’s that homey bluegrass that reminds me why my hard workin’ man works long nights at the mill. It’s tough to make ends meet, especially when the ol’ union is on strike, but we get by, if not only for our love.

Windy City is an album of classic country and bluegrass covers. Krauss’ angelic voice resonates the nostalgia of the classics beautifully. Most of the covers I know from mother’s old record collection. Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, Cindy Walker, to name a few.

On her fifth solo studio album, Krauss is accompanied by twang and good family values. “It’s Goodbye And So Long to You” even features a lil’ fun guitar solo — it sure gets me excited.

An album this pure I might even consider playing on Sunday.

But it isn’t only rerecorded honky hits. Krauss does mitigate some of the country through an easy-listening filter. With that said, don’t be fooled by the album’s easier side (“Losing You”), “Poison Love” and “It’s Goodbye and So Long to You” will give your saddle a shake.

She can sure sing right to my heart. I’ll be dreamin’ of you Krauss, every time I get-a-feelin’ blue. I hope you do dream of me, too.

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