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Strangled by skinny jeans



Why are skinny jeans still so popular? I have yet to discover a more uncomfortable and unforgiving article of clothing. It baffles my mind that they continue to serve as staples in women’s fashion. They limit your movement severely, and wearing them for a prolonged period of time has been proven to be detrimental to blood circulation. Also, the resulting itch from those circulation issues (which I felt every evening for years) is beyond excruciating.

I recently donated all of my old pairs in an effort to force myself to go find other forms of everyday legwear. The only problem with that is, I didn’t realize how much of women’s fashion relies upon the use of skinny jeans. Everything in my wardrobe pairs so perfectly with them, and I find myself having to completely reinvent my style choices. Affordable substitutes that are equally versatile are proving to be few and far between. So for now, I’ll just sit here in my sweatpants, waiting for the fashion industry to come up with something better.  

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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