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2011-12 Varsity Previews: Men’s Basketball

The Cascade speaks with assistant coach Adam Friesen on last season’s highlights, new additions to the team, and more.



By Paul Esau (The Cascade) – Email

Date Posted: August 26, 2011
Print Edition: August 25, 2011

The Cascades have added some intimidating size this season with the return of Jaspar Moedt and Kyle Grewal to the lineup after a season on the injured reserve. Expect some gritty, physical performance from these two as the Cascades seek to round out their front court game and establish tighter rebound control. As head coach Barnaby Craddock was in China with the Canadian National Team, The Cascade spoke to assistant coach Adam Friesen:

What was your personal highlight from last season?
My personal highlight from last season didn’t involve any particular game or play, but rather watching our core group of guys demonstrate an ever improving spirit, attitude, character and mental toughness on a week-to-week basis. That includes those that were healthy enough to play and those were out last season due to injury. The reason this was my highlight was because I felt that I saw these young talented young men turn into the kind of person/player that’s ready to take their game and this team to the next level. It will be this leadership that they will give to our new players this season during games, on the practice court, and in the locker room that will make all the difference this season.

What can the team learn from last year? How can you build on last season?
Every year there are lessons to be learned, but last season I believe two on-the-court lessons got driven home to our group. The first is that we have the talent to put the ball in the basket. The other lesson that we took from last year is how important rebounding is with regards to dictating the outcome of games. The guys have already begun to build for next season by putting time into the weight-room, track and gym this summer. On a rebounding note I expect things to get better due to not only the coaches making it a point of emphasis from day one but also, if not more importantly, the accountability that the players will put on themselves to rebound as a group of five every time a shot goes up.

What does a successful season look like this year? Any specific team goals?
A successful season for me is a team that does not start looking too far ahead of itself, but rather focuses on getting a little better everyday as a group. The only specific goal that I hope for the team this year is that we stay injury free.

Any new recruits or rookies that you are particularly excited about?
We have a few new faces on the roster this season, all of which I’m very excited about. I’ll start with are only high school recruit, Jordan Blackman, who comes to us from Yale Secondary. I believe he has an incredibly bright future in our program. He has all the tools to be a high caliber player in this league. Fans will be excited right away to see his ability to finish above the rim but it is his potential to not only shine on offence but on both ends of the court that makes him truly special. James York and Klaus Figueredo will be asked to run the point for us this season due to the departure of Zeon Gray. Both have played multiple years of college ball and are ready to make a big difference from day one. We also have Mike James and Luke Braund, who are both new to the roster this season and will help us at the post position. Both will be big reasons for any success that we have this upcoming season.

How can students at UFV support the team?
Students can help support the team by coming out to games and cheering us on.

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