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CIVL Shuffle: Commemoration edition



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy remembers what happened in New York just 13 years ago this week, and has a number of songs to commemorate the date, in advance of this Thursday’s AfterMath comedy throw-down on the date in question.


Wilco – “Ashes of American Flags”

This album was to be released on 9/11, 2001, but as a result of label issues, it didn’t come out until over half a year later. Ironically, the album’s futuristic cover includes a pair of Chicago skyscrapers, and this song was recorded months before the tragic falling of those heralded buildings.

Nickelback – “How You Remind Me”

Now, with the sentimental and high-brow out of the way, I purchased the album on which this song was housed on the day the towers came down, and I was darn happy to have done so, though in retrospect, it’s a bit of a joke. Okay, a big joke.

Matthew Good Band – “Man of Action”

Not actually about 9/11, but it’s a song about doing things that impact a change, which, on one hand, is what those pesky terrorists probably thought they were doing and on the other hand, it’s what the people trying to pick up the pieces at Ground Zero were up to.

Immortal Technique – “Bin Laden”

This guy is just not afraid of anything. He’s of Peruvian descent, and he’s a bad-ass mofo if I ever heard one rapping about international politics. Venom-filled is how I would describe his rhymes, and he’s always calling out significantly more powerful than he world leaders. Atta boy.

Modest Mouse – “Dark Centre of the Universe”

“Took a lot of work to be the ass I am and I’m really damn sure that anyone can equally easily fuck you over. Died saying something but I didn’t mean it, everyone’s life ends, but no one ever completes it, dry or wet ice they both melt and you’re equally cheated.”

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