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UFV Shuffle: Music of Wes Anderson Films

Tracks from The Rolling Stones, Joe Dassin and more all taken from the soundtracks of films by Wes Anderson.



By Paul Falardeau (Arts & Life Editor) – Email

The Rolling Stones – “Play with Fire”

A great short track that is all proto-Jagger swagger. With a su­per catchy hook and just “far-oiut” enough to entince the freaks but not scare away the squares.

Paul Simon – “Me and Julio down by the School Yard”

A partially veiled song of social protest, Paul Simon doesn’t feel afraid to add playful whistling and warbling nonetheless.

Joe Dassin – “Les Champs-Élysées”

It’s French…and you love it. Even W couldn’t call this guy a freedom singer. So carefree and wonderful, like summertime love. Prepare to sigh.

Elliot Smith – “Needle in the Hay

Beautiful, understated and per­meated by a sense of impending downfall, Smith’s track will be re­membered as a goodbye, but so much more, another piece to the puzzle of his life.

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