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Haute Stuff: Scarves are like magic in the wind

One of my fall favourites is the ability to accessorize and keep warm with the addition of a scarf.



By Ali Siemens (Contributor) – Email

Print Edition: November 21, 2012

There is a lot to discuss regarding fall fashion. ‘Tis the season for boots, cardigans, pea coats and all of the pieces from our wardrobe that keeps us warm and cozy. One of my fall favourites is the ability to accessorize and keep warm with the addition of a scarf.

The pashmina is a scarf that goes great to dress up an everyday outfit. Whether you are going to school or taking a trip to the grocery store, the cashmere-embroidered scarves give extra flare to any outfit.

One of the great things about pashminas is that so many stores have duplicated them, so even if authentic cashmere isn’t within your budget, stores such as GAP, Garage or American Eagle hold more affordable options.

Two local sisters who have a knack with knitting needles are producing my personal favourite scarf for the season. Pip & Pin, founded by Megan and Katie Williams, is based out of Abbotsford and creates original scarves that are handmade and extremely cozy.

Of the many warm and fuzzy scarves they create, the cowl is one piece that brings in a reel of compliments. Like the infinity scarf, which is connected at both ends, the cowl can be put on and almost likened to the turtleneck look. Except remove the idea that it is tight and constraining. The sisters decorate the cowls with vintage buttons, allowing you to adjust how tight you want the cowl around your neck. Although I love infinity scarves, they can often be bulky, and when sitting down for a meal, they aren’t always practical. The cowl is loose enough to still contribute to the appearance of a bulky scarf, but it doesn’t hang low and interfere with eating. Make sure to buy a scarf that is wide enough to provide that snug look, while remaining both practical and stylish.

If buttons aren’t your favourite, the Williams sisters also crafted a bow made of wool that has been attached to many of their scarves. The bow adds a little more to the wool around your neck and gives it that girly touch.

Diversity in fall fashion is one thing I am always looking for. If you are heading out for the evening and the weather is being unpredictable, carrying an umbrella or ensuring you wear a jacket with a hood can be frustrating when it comes to tailoring your outfit. One of the great abilities of the infinity scarf is turning it into a snood – which essentially means lifting the middle section over your head, and turning your scarf into a hood.

Versatility is great for any new clothing item you pick up, and a scarf serves just that purpose. Hang it over your shoulders, tie it in a bow or wrap it twice over your neck. Either way, a scarf is one accessory that can be worn for multiple days and you won’t get accused of outfit repeating. Stay warm and fashionable – wrap up before you walk out the door this fall.

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