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Snapshots: Jesus, parenting, Sportsnet, and fandoms

Curtailed commentary on current conditions: Jesus, parenting, Sportsnet, and fandoms



Print Edition: October 1, 2014

Illustrations by Anthony Biondi

Illustrations by Anthony Biondi

A toast to the Jesus dude

I can be quite the critical person. I try not to take things for granted. So when someone postulates or implies the existence of a metaphysical being in their opening lines of greeting, I might be a little thrown off.

There’s a man I’ve seen in D Building a few times who likes to let me know Jesus loves me. I’m an agnostic. I say “thank you,” and hurry on my way. Usually I think about what I’d say if our conversation moved beyond that, how I’d convey I don’t believe in God.

But should a person be criticized for expressing themselves? When I think past the initial awkwardness of the exchange, I’m charmed. In a place where weird looks might ensue if you put yourself out like that in the Tim’s line-up, it’s cool to know there’s a person who does it anyway — no matter how many metaphysical claims are implied. Bottom line: he’s being polite and consistent with his lifestyle.

Here’s to you, dude in D Building. There should be more people like you.



Electronic parenting

I’m old enough to remember the good old days before smartphones, MP3 players, and the internet. This is why seeing a child with a plethora of personal electronics still shocks me.

It’s not the fact that they are using them — I understand we live in an electronic world.  It’s the fact these kids are getting iPads, iPods, and tablets for their birthdays or Christmas as a means to distract kids and make parenting easier.

My best friend’s daughter is three and has an iPod Touch. This way she won’t ask to use mommy or daddy’s iPhone and the whole family can be on their iWhatevers at the same time. Her point was that kids see their parents attached to their devices, so they follow by example. But have electronics become a new form of family bonding?



New network no-no

New for the 2014 / 2015 NHL season: Sportsnet has national broadcast rights in Canada.

In the past, TSN owned the rights and always did a phenomenal job. Their personalities and commentators were a joy to listen to. I was willing to give Sportsnet a chance, but this last week was not a good start.

Pre-season games are kicking off across the NHL, yet I saw zero games on any channel besides Sportsnet 360, their speciality channel. Sportsnet has six separate channels, one of which is 360; how was there no space to show a little hockey? Especially when you paid $5.2 billion to exclusively broadcast it!?

Seriously, Sportsnet, what are you doing? I know you’re trying to get people to buy into your specialty channel, but it feels dirty and cheap to me. Just give me my hockey.



Fandom hate or honesty?

All over the internet, at various conventions, and in everyday lives, there is fandom hatred to be found. Why? Because some fans have given the rest of us a bad reputation.

These fans act in immature ways. They mock voice actors, cosplayers, and even fellow fans for not acting in the right ways.

You know what? As a fan I hate them too!

What people don’t consider is not all fans are like that. I don’t act in this way and sully the names of my favorite programs, so don’t lump us all together! Not every brony is a “fedora,” not every anime fan is a “weeaboo,” and not every vampire fan likes Twilight.

Every fandom is different, just like each fan is different. Don’t base your opinions on the fanatics alone.


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