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CIVL Shuffle: Election edition



By Aaron Levy (CIVL Station Manager) – Email

Print Edition: November 12, 2014


CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy wants you to vote on November 15 in BC municipal elections!

Hues Corporation

“Rock the Boat”

How is this song not a more famous play on words synonymously identified with rocking the vote like Bill Clinton wanted us to do in the ‘90s? It seems like a perfect connection. Except that they’re telling people not to. “Don’t tip the vote over?” It does sound kinda fascist.

The Smiths


“Panic on the streets of London and Birmingham,” Morrisey wonders to himself. Abbotsfordians, to say nothing of the other valley municipalities like Mission or Chilliwack, will certainly wonder what kind of an impact the various city escapades with individuals living on the streets will have on this particular municipal election.

TV on the Radio

“Wrong Way”

“When I realized where I was did I stand up and testify / Oh fist up signify …” “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, new negro politician is stirring inside of me …” “I’m gonna take liberty, cause it’s right there in front of me …” A song about political opportunity.

The Clash

“Rock the Casbah”

Not only is this song about a dictatorial regime and an entire religious nation’s efforts to overthrow it, but it also rhymes the word “Boogie SOUND” with “Crazy Casbah SOUND.” Really? Shareef don’t like it, and we’re not talking about former Vancouver Grizzly Abdur-Rahim, who could run for council some day.



Possibly Radiohead’s most high-brow reference in any song, “Voodoo economics” refers to a Reaganomic philosophy also brought up in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off by none other than Ben Stein, whose money you used to be able to win. That film also featured convicted pedophile Jeffrey Jones as Principal Rooney.

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