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CIVL Shuffle: Friendship edition

CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy ruminates to you about friendship this week.



By Aaron Levy (CIVL Station Manager) – Email

Print Edition: October 30, 2013


CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy ruminates to you about friendship this week.

The Get-up Kids – “Stay Gold, Ponyboy”

Titled after young adult novel The Outsiders, this song’s lyrics go “I hope you find it / greener ground to bluer skies / If this is what will really make you happy / then I’ll say that we’ll be old enough to know better / young enough to pretend / This is the last of my letters.” SO emo!

Killer Mike – “Willie Burke Sherwood”

“My cousin Jimmy had a breakdown / he ain’t never been the same / And he never will be again / If I could fix his brain / take back the cracks in his mind / give it all back / you could have the racks and fame / I’d give it all back in exchange / Laaaaalaaaaalaaaaalaaaaa.”

Harry Nilsson “Best Friend”

Just about the most standard television-montage music imaginable for a story of friendship, and most likely, ultimately, for the purpose of story arc and character development, foreshadowing of the conflict to come as well. My favourite usage was That 70s Show. I think it was in Family Guy, too.

Randy Newman – “You Got a Friend in Me”

Not only was Toy Story one of the staple films of my childhood, but this man’s voice was so incredible ingrained into my mind, that I think I am now actually him in vocal re-animation, similar to how he was unfettered during Family Guy’s post-apocalyptic run-in with him! Puuuurdy cool ;)

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