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The Good, The Bad & The UFV Shuffle

Tracks from The Zolas, Daft Punk & more on this week’s playlist.



by Paul Falardeau (Arts & Life Editor)

“You’re Too Cool” – The Zolas
This instantly catchy track sounds like it fits right into the tradition of bands like Cold War Kids, The New Pornographers and Modest Mouse. It’s built for in car sing-a-longs and beachside hand waves. I suppose you’ll only be able to do the former for a while.

“Tron Legacy Theme” – Daft Punk
The first new material from Daft Punk since 2005 is to be released by Walt Disney Records (whose other acts include Hannah Montana). The new tracks, which comprise the soundtrack to the Tron sequel, are classic Daft Punk. Amidst the buzzy beats, the French duo fit seamlessly into today’s electronic scene and show why they trailblazed the genre.

“Sleepyhead” -The Passion Pit
There it is. The name of the track you’ve heard in the background of umpteen million things and couldn’t get out of your head (Youtube it Check out the video below and see if you’re thinking about what I am). The high pitch singing is a bit abrasive, so I don’t recommend this song for chronic headache sufferers, but boy does the song redeem itself with that nifty synth riff. I don’t recommend songs based on synth riffs often, so you know this is a good ’un.

“What You Do to Me” – Blakroc
From the 2009 album on which the Black Keys collaborate with several renowned rappers, this is a standout. The Keys provide some wicked organ-driven beats, and Dan Auerbach teams with Nicole Wray to crank out a soulful chorus between verses powerfully rapped by Billy Danze and Jim Jones.

“These Cats are Carnivores” – Cinnamon Toast Funk
The newest from Abbotsford’s number one funk band, “These Cats are Carnivores” is instantly catchy, humourous, slick and technically impressive. Despite the professional level CTF performs at, there is never a lack of fun in their music, and it comes through loud and clear here.

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