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Arts in Review

The Good, The Bad and the UFV Shuffle

Santana, You Say Party!, Outkast and more!



by Paul Falardeau (Arts & Life Editor)

Carlos Santana – “Every Step of the Way”

From his tragically unremembered album, Caravanserai, comes this crucial track. Carlos and the boys make good on a mix between Middle Eastern ambiance and Latin grooves.

You Say Party! – “Lonely’s Lunch”

One of the many great tracks off YSPs breakthrough album,”Lonely’s Lunch” just got a wild new sci-fi video that you need to check out. It comes complete with aliens, a street chase and a smoking hot heroine.

White Lung – “Wild Failure”

Live wire punk rock with vocals that fall somewhere between (early) Karen O and Brody Dalle, in “Wild Failure” White Lung brings freaked out punk that still retains a catchy as hell riff. (hint: see them at Civl Stage 6, Dec. 9)

Outkast – “Bowtie”

This is just too cheekily funky to ignore. Outkast really comes through with a pleaser, but is that really a surprise? It’s hard to listen to this and not feel like a million bucks.

Yes – “Heart of the Sunrise”

 The eleven-plus minute opus closes out Yes’ triumphant Fragile, and the band really pulls out all the stops. By the time the end comes you will be both fulfilled and exhausted in such a wonderful way. Worth the time investment.

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