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UFV Shuffle: Third Man

Sound listening advice from Paul Falardeau. This week’s playlist includes Jack White-produced tracks from Mildred and the Mice, Karen Elson and more!



Mildred and the Mice – “I Like My Mice (Dead)”

For the Cat Connoisseur in all of us – or for the slight cat crazy in all of us – this one opens up with Mildred meowing away before breaking into a nice twitch of a thrash-punk gem.

Karen Elson – “The Ghost That Walks”

She’s a beautiful redhead model, the kind Jack White has been singing about for a while now, so it’s no surprise he married her. What is surprising is that when she started making music it wasn’t shitty stuff. White produced because the two share a bed. It’s dreamy, soulful, and heartfelt country-folk.

Nobunny – “I Am A Girlfriend”

The half human, half  rabbit punk maniac is in good form here, and if things get a bit too weird, well, you are listening to a guy in a rabbit suit, deal with it.

The Secret Sisters – “Big River”

This classic track hasn’t sounded this good since Johnny Cash. The sister’s lovely voices are accompanied wonderfully by Jack White’s gifted production, and the cover becomes a whole new song.

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