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Celebrating 30 years of Athletics at UFV

This September the UFV athletics department turns 30, and looks to reconnect with its past.



By Paul Esau (The Cascade) – Email

Print Edition: September 11, 2013

Photo Credit Jess Wind

This September the UFV athletics department turns 30, and looks to reconnect with its past.

“It’s a chance to celebrate the last 30 years of athletics at this university,” athletics director Rocky Olfert said. “We’ve managed to compile a bunch of alumni lists, and through those lists we’re hoping to invite a bunch of alumni out to participate.”

Traditionally UFV’s alumni event has included a game between alumni and current Cascades athletes followed by a small event in the foyer, but this year the athletics department is dreaming bigger.

“The format for this year is more of a family barbecue style,” Olfert said. “We’re trying to get families out to play games, drop in at the gyms, and tour the campus. Following that we’re going to have busses going to the men’s soccer game that evening to cheer on our local team and celebrate this generation of athletics. We’re looking for the opportunity to really reconnect with past alumni, people who went before us and helped establish this program.”

The event will also be an opportunity to distribute the first UFV Cascades alumni cards to those alumni who participated in varsity athletics for four or more years. The cards are specially designed, and will provide perks and benefits above and beyond the usual alumni cards.

“For years we’ve had a strong partnership with the athletics department and the teams,” said alumni programs and administration manager Nancy Armitage, “so we decided that a specialized membership card which will provide special benefits and privileges to our athletic alumni was in order.”

Other commemorative events will follow throughout the rest of the year, focusing on individual teams and honouring their alumni. The new alumni card will be distributed to eligible graduates starting at this year’s convocation, and will be available to all previous alumni on request. The 2013 UFV Cascades Alumni Day will be held on Saturday, September 28th.

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