By Nathan Hutton (The Cascade) – Email

Print Edition: March 25, 2015

Image:  American College Cricket
The UFV cricket club travelled to Florida to compete.

The UFV Cricket club travelled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to represent Canadian participation in the American Collegiate National Cricket Championships last week.

“It was a great spectacle,” said UFV captain Yadwinder Sharma. “There were 32 teams [that] participated from all over Canada and the states. As a team new to this championship, it was a great experience for us.

The UFV squad has been a member of this prestigious group of schools since 2012, but hadn’t had the opportunity to make it to the championships until this season.

While they didn’t qualify for the next pool, Yadwinder said their failure to win the national title didn’t deter the team, but instead inspired them to work harder than ever and bring the title back to Canada.

“We have already started our practice for next year to bring the trophy to UFV. Now we have some experience to compete against the other universities,” he said.

Cricket isn’t one of the big four in North America — soccer, basketball, football, and of course hockey — but globally, this is not the case. Cricket has exposure on an international level. It is one of the most complicated, diverse, and intricate games the world has ever seen. One of the dominant world powers on the cricket scene is India — it is their national summer sport. Cricket is so popular in India that in 2008, American sports agent J.B Bernstein went to India to try to convert cricket players into baseball pitchers. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a school like UFV, with such a high Indo-Canadian population, features one of the top cricket clubs in Canada.

UFV was one of three Canadian schools who participated.

The timing of this event couldn’t have been better as the top teams in the world prepare for the quarterfinals of the International Cricket Confederation world championships. While it may not be the most notable of the sports teams at UFV the cricket team is sure to turn a few heads in the future and maybe even bring a trophy or two to Abbotsford.